Superior Funding Founders

Superior Funding Corporation was founded by professionals who have earned the highest level of respect from customers and business partners over the years they served in the lending industry, Roman Shulman and Diana Shulman. The team came powered with their connections to the leading wholesale investors and best in the business third party providers offering exceptional services to clients of the company.



The founders of the company brought exceptional reputation, years of experience in the field, and advanced education in several areas (finance, economics, engineering and management) to the table.

Diana, formerly Senior Software Engineer with EMC Corporation, a leader in data storage systems, decided to move her career in a different direction, joining a local mortgage company in 1999. With advanced education in finance and economics, exceptional problem solving skills, and motivation to succeed by always providing the best possible to her clients, Diana quickly set herself apart from competition.

Roman, formerly manager within Engineering of EMC, where he advanced from being a Northeastern University co-op student to managing engineering teams and department programs, developed his passion for finance through Economics studies and also while working with a private fund trading S&P 500 futures. In 2001 Roman took his career in a different direction. He spent some time working as a loan advisor with local mortgage companies, became a Branch Manager of Capital Finance Corporation and then moved to open Superior Funding Corporation together with Diana. Roman holds a Bachelors degree from Northeastern University and a Masters degree from Brandeis. He currently serves as the company's President.


First Reflections

Matthew Langley, Vice President with Bank of America, wrote in 2004: “I have worked with Diana for quite some time as a correspondent lender for her. I have found her work to be of the highest quality and have always felt Diana conducted herself in a professional and ethical manner.”

John Harper, Account Executive with Citimortgage, wrote in 2005: “I have been in the industry for over 20 years and feel that Roman is a great asset to our industry. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very detail oriented, and operating with only the highest moral and ethical standards. He exhibits a superior level of professionalism in his dealings with both the consumer and internal operations staff employees displaying a high level of customer service and satisfaction.”

Helen Solomon, Director of Finance at Harvard University, shared her experience with friends in 2006 after her second transaction: “Our experience with Roman has been the best. He's very intelligent, and keeps his customers informed of each step of the process. He's also very honest and keeps the process transparent at every level and most importantly, the rates he provides are very competitive.”


Today's Values

Lending world changed dramatically over the years, but the company's key values remain unchanged. Superior Funding carries the tradition of putting emphasis on efficient loan process with quality control and checkpoints at every step to make sure the work is completed correctly and on time, and places particular importance on being able to consistently deliver as promised. Our expertise and specialization combined with our policy of always being direct and upfront results in easy, no-hassle process where everything is handled and delivered to your highest satisfaction. Read Reviews