A Word from Our President

My name is Roman Shulman. I started this company in 2004 to provide Massachusetts homeowners with a viable alternative to big banks and large mortgage corporations. Our goal was very simple. It was not to be big or most profitable. Rather, it was to always meet and exceed expectations of borrowers who chose to work with us. Based on the many warm testimonials from our clients, we have greatly succeeded.

Today we originate, underwrite, close, and fund a good portion of our loans right in our office. Although we evolved into a mortgage bank over the years, we never lost focus or altered our goals. We are still the same, but now with 18+ years of experience.

Prior to my tenure in the mortgage industry, I was an engineer – software developer, and group and project manager. I still love to code. Our state-of-the art Loan Origination System is enhanced with over sixty thousand lines of proprietary code which helps us automate tasks, prevent errors, and get you to the closing faster.

My team and I are standing by, ready to assist you with your mortgage needs.

Very truly yours,

Roman Shulman, Founder and President
Superior Funding Corporation
Newton, MA