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Important FAQ's

Q. Does applying also lock the terms?
A. No, applying does not automatically lock the terms. Please review lock information and stay in close contact with your loan officer.

Q. I am refinancing, and I have an existing equity loan or line. Does this matter?
A. Yes. Regardless of the balance, presence of secondary financing impacts new loan terms and complicates the process. Please discuss this with us.

Q. I own other real estate properties. Do I need to list them?
A. Yes. Even if you own a property free and clear, it is an expense (property taxes, etc.). If not listed, it will be found through pre-closing due diligence, causing last minute issues.

Buying or Refinancing a Condo?

Attention!!! New Requirements: Please be aware of the recent changes to condominium safety standards. Documents needed for condo review now include: association's meeting minutes covering the last six months, all structural and mechanical inspection reports done in the last three years, latest reserve study, condo questionnaire with safety addendum.

Other Significant Updates

Conventional Loans: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made significant revisions to Conventional Conforming loan pricing structure. Most notable changes are addition of 760-779 and 780+ credit score tiers (740 credit score is no longer the top tier), and condo adjustment for all loan terms (previously only applicable to loan terms over 15 years). These latest changes come on top of previously announced significant revisions for second homes and cash-out refinances. Adjustments worsen best-case pricing to account for specific risk factors. The latest Conforming Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments (LLPA's) can be found here.

First-time buyers: On the positive note, all LLPAs will be waived for first-time homebuyers with total qualifying income not exceeding 100% of subject property Area Median Income (120% in high-cost areas). LLPAs also do not apply to HomeReady and HomePossible programs.

FHA Loans: HUD announced significant reduction to monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) on FHA loans, making them a noteworthy alternative to Conventional loans in many situations.

VA Loans: VA reduced the funding fees on purchase and cash-out refinance VA loans by 0.15% for most cases (by 0.3% for subsequent use zero down purchase loans and subsequent use cash-out refinance loans).

After you apply

Once the application is submitted we will review it to make sure we received all the information that we need. If anything is missing or needs clarification, we will contact you. We will also let you know which supporting documents will be required. General documentation requirements are outlined here, although the exact list of documents may vary depending on circumstances. During the loan process, we will keep you informed of every step that is being taken, from application to funding. We will be in contact with you at all times and will be answering any questions you may have.